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Somerset West, South Africa

Jy weet nie, TOTDAT…

‘n Jaar gelede was ek besig om tydens Pinkster in Hartenbos te preek, terwyl ons dogter, Wilmarie, gejaag word na die hospitaal ná ‘n beroerte wat sy gekry het tydens haar oefensessie in die “gym”. So jonk nog!

Sy skryf verlede week hieroor:

“You’ll never truly know how strong you are until something extremely terrible happens to you… and you make it through.

On this day a year ago my life fell into pieces. After work, at the gym i had a minor stroke followed by a major stroke in the hospital. At first i did not want to believe it is a reality. When i accepted that it did, in fact, happen to me, i had a choice. Either i give in to the anger, sadness and misery that this might be the end of everything i’ve lived for, worked for and everything i still wanted to accomplish in my life. Or i could fight this thing. And that is exactly what i did.

Thanks to God, my wonderful parents, boyfriend Pierre, sister, other family members, friends and even strangers who prayed for, and believed in me. I am truly blessed to have so much support and recover so well.

Every day of recovery was a challenge. The right side of my body was affected. Not being able to do day to day things like write, walk, not able to smile, face dragged, slurred speech, cognitive fatigue, etc. I put my mind to work hard so i could have my life back. You can’t control what happens to you, but the outcome is in your hands.

Never predict that when something horrible happens to you, you won’t be able to beat it. Determination, positivity, belief and perseverance is key for success.

To this day i am still working on my recovery. I am working hard and believe that eventually i will get there. It is a long process to learn the brain to communicate with the body as it used to. A stroke or anything similar is like a dark cloud, a shadow following you around everyday. The fear of it happening again feeds on your brain. You must fight the demon and just have faith that it is never going to happen to you again. Even though the doctors can’t guarantee it. You can’t live in fear – what life would that be…

Believe me, i did crack from time to time – still do sometimes. But then i look back at how i was, and how much i have improved. That motivates me to go back to basics with my rehabilitation. Thankfully i now look and speak normal and no one knows what i went through and what i still struggle with daily. And they don’t have to know. I know. And i just try to live a normal life. I don’t want anyone’s pity. Pity is negative. It pulls you to the ground and weakens your drive to recover. My heart bleeds for people in similar or worse situations not willing to fight… or at least try…

I will eventually fully recover. And if i don’t, i will learn to accept it. Because i am thankful that i got a second chance and i am blessed to be able to live. Now, i have so much more in life to be thankful for.

Everything happens for a reason. I am yet to find out what the reason was for my bad experience, but hopefully someone could learn through me that anything (realistic) is possible if you put your mind and heart to it.

One should not live in the past, but it is good to sometimes look back, so you can move forward.”

Ons is so dankbaar dat dit beter gaan. En ons hou vas aan Romeine 8:28: “Ons weet dat God alles ten goede laat meewerk vir dié wat Hom liefhet, dié wat volgens sy besluit geroep is.”

Stuur gerus jou storie van bemoediging ook, dan sit ons dit in die blog onder Wonderwerke.

En laat weet vir ons by waarmee jy dink heelwat mense hulp nodig het.

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